Help – Notifications for SmartBand Talk

With this app you can read on your SmartBand Talk the notifications you receive on your mobile and also reply to many of them, with predefined answers.

By default are including many of the messaging Apps and Gmail, but is fully configurable at App Options.

Go to Sony SmartBand App / Notifications and disable all the Notifications Apps that you want to receive in this App and be Sure you enable this One.

Is a good thing to keep this App always open because this way when a notification arrives you will see directly in this App, otherways you will have to open this App in order to read it. Anyway, you will receive a normal notification from this App to alert you.

If you want to include other notifications, you must activate it so that every time you get a new one, it ask you and thereafter will show it. If you change your mind then you can change the allowed or denied in the Notifications menu option. If enabled, then on the notifications screen you can see which apps have enabled and which not and delete where appropriate.


When a new notification arrives it will show. You will see the App icon and if there is reply option the reply icon as well. In order to change of message, you can use the volumen buttons. At the end of the messages will see a button for Delete All messages.

Tap on a message to read it. You can read it using the volumen buttons. You will find a Delete message button at the end and a Reply button if is allowed in this notification.

Tap on Reply button and you will see a list of predefined messages. You can select the answer using the volumen buttons. Tap on a anwser to send it.

You can use predefined messages in order to reply some notificacions like whatsapp, gmail and hangouts. In case you want to add your own predefined messages you have to edit the file you will find at your sdcard root called: SmartBandOptions.txt

Why sometimes I can and sometimes I can not answer?

This App read notifications through the API and can only access the possibility of answers (whatsapp) when no notification waiting on mobile.

When the notification is extended (as you can see in the mobile), then yes you can and gives the possibility and also stores it for the next time the same contact or send the same group further notice. So the app learns, but lost the data each time the phone is rebooted or the App is updated.


Since last Hangouts update, You must install Android Wear App in your mobile in order to get reply options in this App