Help – Fast Message Wear for Whatsapp

With this App you can send new Whatsapp messages to your contacts from your Android Wear.


The App has 2 options:

– Sending a normal message. Yo will see the contact list saved that previously have sent a whatsapp message to you (and you did not have any whatsapp message unread)

– Sending to your favorite contact.  If you have selected a favorite contact in mobile contact list, you can send a fast message to him.

Now with predefined messages. Yours will appear first and after the ones from Whatsapp. You can edit them at menu option (install an App that could edit .txt files) or editing the file named FastMessageWhatsappOptions.txt at your sdcard root.

How do I get the contact list?

This App saves the new contacts and allows you to send them new messages.

The App is always learning and adds new contacts to the list, but if you reboot your mobile or updates the App, the contact list will be lost.


By default, the App let you to send 15 messages in order to try it. If you want to send more messages, you can buy the Premium options at menu.


Now, you can use a new experimental option at menu that allows you to send whatsapp to any of your contact (even if they don’t have sent a message previously) ussing the mobile accessibility option.

Be sure that this App is enabled at Accessibility settings and that this App is the only one enabled.

If the mobile screen is off and you have a lock screen with a key the App will not work ok.

The contact list will show you the contacts changing the font style in order to diff them.

– Normal: Contact stored in the classic way

– Italic: The message will be send ussing accessibility

– Bold: Favorite and stored in the classic way

– Bold and Italic: Favorite and the message will be send ussing accessibility

* Now you can select several favorite contacts in order to filter them that you will see at Fast favorite message option of your Wear