Help Notifications for Smartwatches

With this app you can read on your Watch notifications you receive on your mobile and also reply to many of them.

By default are including many of the messaging Apps and Gmail, but is you can configure it at settings.

If you want to include other notifications, you must activate it so that every time you get a new one, it ask you. If you change your mind then you can change the allowed or denied Apps in the Notifications menu option.

You can use predefined messages reply some notifications like whatsapp, gmail and hangouts. In case you want to add your own predefined messages you have to edit the file you will find at your sdcard root called: GearOptions.txt

Be sure this App is enabled at your default watch software in order to get notifications and try it. If your watch software can show actions like buttons you could see buttons for reply and even send new whatapp/telegram messages.

In the case of whasapp/telegram this App will send the message with the previous messages of the same contact in order to see the whole conversation.

Don’t enable the same notifications type on both Apps in order to avoid repetitions.


If you don’t receive notifications, check these:

– Be sure that your default Watch App is connected with your mobile

– This App is allowed to read your notifications in Settings / Security / Notifications access

– This App is checked in your watch App software / Notifications

– Go to Settings and enable the option to avoid Android to kill the App

– If you have a Xioami Mobile, be sure that the App is looked in order doesn’t kill it (Tap Open Apps button, swipe down this App and tap on block)

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