Help – Notifications for Amazfit

With this App you can read on your Clock the notifications you receive on your mobile and, in some cases, reply with predefined messages.

By default, many of the typical messaging and Gmail Apps are included, but others can be read by configuring them in the App settings.

If you want to include other notifications, you must activate it so that every time you receive a new one that is not registered, the App asks you and then shows them to you. If you change your mind, you can do this on the notification screen, either through the menu or through the button displayed on the main screen.

If you want to add more predefined messages, you have to edit the file that you will find in the root of the sdcard called SenderOptions.txt

– Own interface for the watch
– New whatsapp can be sent from the clock with default messages
– You can reply to messages
– You can put the interface in reverse (hold down on the message text and then reopen the App on the watch)
– You can select the size of the text
– It has a small widget to launch the App (you must restart the launcher or turn off and on the clock to show up)
– The default messages can be changed in a file on the mobile phone (senderoptions.txt)
– Change the message by pressing the up and down arrows or buttons
– Respect the “Do Not Disturb” mode of the watch

– In order to delete all the messages on the watch, long tap to delete icon
– Now you can set the number of vibrations for some type of notifications
– New option, check if you want that the watch screen switch on or not

*** Version 1.4.1 + doesn’t receive SMS anymore. Google wants us to quit that feature. You can find version 1.4.0 with that feature at

You must install an apk on your watch. The latest version is always available here:

For the installation you can follow different youtube videos or do it using adb commands.

To restart the launcher you can use this command adb:

adb shell am force-stop

If you have problems, you can write to us at